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There are not many places where nature is so majestic and generous with variety of beautiful landscapes . But the wilderness of Lake Baikal, a well-preserved in its natural state , always striking beauty and perfection most guests Siberian lake . Variety of unspoiled nature of its shores , mysterious taiga, air saturated taiga flavors and tasty water is amazingly clear beneficial effects on humans. Miraculous , mysterious way Baikal affects people's souls , immensely endowing them with his positive energy and helps restore strength and peace of mind.

Take a break from everyday life! Cruises and sightseeing tours on Lake Baikal on the ship " Zahariya " is always safe movement at any time , in any weather conditions . For you on the ship eight comfortable double cabins , shower. The spacious cabin is equipped with the company specifically for your unforgettable holiday and a professional chef culinary delight . You will not remain indifferent to the natural beauty of Cape Incense , sandy bay , the Small Sea , Olkhon Island .

Timeless Beauty ! Ushkany island Chivyrkuisky Bay , Baikal and Trans-Baikal national parks, and the Baikal -Lena Barguzinsky reserves. Duration of the trip again for your pleasure: there three days , and five -, seven - and ten-day cruises. And remember that when traveling , the person becomes richer!



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