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When booking travel prepayment can be from 30-50%. The rest of the amount you can deposit upon booking confirmation.
Documents provided on the booking confirmation after payment .

For Irkutsk citizens and visitors of our city :

1. Cash in office .
The easiest and most economical way for you is to pay the tour in person or through their friends in our office where we will be able to get acquainted at Irkutsk, avenue Marshal Zhukov , 58 - Office 29. Payments are made in rubles .

For Irkutians , nonresident customers :

2 . Bankcards.

3.Bank contributions from an individual through the Savings Bank or another bank .
By choosing this option , you will need to go to the bank and put the proper amount of your order at our expense . For this it is necessary to sign the contract and send it by fax or email. For the contract by e-mail , please contact with our manager and send a copy of the passport. Note: If you choose this form of payment be prepared for the fact that the bank you will be charged a percentage of the transfer amount for the implementation of the transaction (usually - 3%).

Attention! Preliminary contact with the manager and verify contract number with your order!

Payment by wire transfer to the account of the legal person . May request an account from our manager . If necessary after payment payment order stamped with the bank manager will be sent by email. mail / fax.



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Kontaktieren Sie uns

lassen Sie einfach Ihren Namen,Telefon und E-Mail in das Formular unten